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Virtual Tour: Standard Tour starts at $120 for 4 "Maximum Sized" Virtual 360° scenes.
View virtual tour sample.
Each scene is a panoramic 360° interior or exterior view of the location. Our photographer will work with you to select the scenes that will have the most impact. Panoramic photos can be used in place of a 360° shot.
We can place your tour on for an additional $25 . Check this box on the Order Form when ordering. (Showcase Package discount)
Printing Flyer: $45 We will create a hi quality PDF Flyer from your Virtual Tour. You or your Printing Company can download the file from the internet
View flyer sample.
CD KEEPSAKE: Made from your virtual tour - $50.00 to create the first CD and $5.00 for each copy. Photos are copyrighted and licensed to DigitalPix. and must not be used on any web page, commercial or non-commercial, for profit or non-profit, without written permission from the photographer. Photos must not be reproduced, distributed, cropped, resized, or otherwise altered without written permission from the photographer. All rights are reserved. DigitalPix©